PNG DAS-Solution for City Gas Distribution
Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. offers solution for City Gas Distribution (CGD) solution. It is already implemented for Adani Energy Ltd. for Ahmedabad City and now implementing in Faridabad and Vadodara for AEL.
Operation :
Pipe Natural Gas (PNG) provided by Central allocation unit to Local Distribution Unit. Central allocation unit provides PNG to local distribution station through a pipe. Local distribution centre supply a PNG to domestic users. Flow of PNG between Local distribution centre and domestic users is controlled by valve, which are placed at local distribution centre. Incase of emergency flow of PNG can be blocked or stopped by turning off these valves. The device or Unit which controls the flow of PNG to domestic users is called DRS unit which installed at a local distribution unit.

Namur Sensors of Katlax are used to detect position of valve i.e. open or close. Namur sensors are energized by PNG DAS Control card of Katlax. The supply of Namur sensor is routed through a certified Zener Barrier. The whole unit is located in safe area. Control card is located in nearby control room. Termination of sensor's cable is done in flame-proof junction Box which is located in DRS because this area falls into Hazardous Area. The status of sensor open or close is transmitted to control panel from PNG DAS control card located in control room. The control card gives status of valve to the main control station through VSAT.

Incase of unusual shut-off of valve, the status is transmitted to main control station and the supply of PNG is restored.